Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Sexpo - A little bit of a revelation

Well, Sexpo was last weekend (12-14 November) and Lucy went on the Saturday...

I started getting ready on Friday, a shave (my face) - although no one sees that :-) and then out came the Nair hair removal creme.  I love this brand and in the local shops you can buy it for about 99p a tube.  An absolute steal.  1 Tube will do two arms, or two legs or my back or my front - so it makes it quick and cost effective.   Oh and if you use it go for the sensitive one and don't leave it on longer than 6 minutes - and never on your male bits (assuming your a guy reading this lol !)...

So I was in the bathroom sorting myself out and in came Mistress.  She was colouring her hair and she was also having a bath.  It was a little surreal.  Me taking all my hair off - Mistress doing the same both doing what girls are meant to do.

Afterwards we went upstairs and got out all the bits that make Lucy.  Shoes, skirt, top, hair, my torso, and the chastity belt (behindbarz.co.uk)  - the belt was the reason for the visit to sexpo. I had agreed to go down and help on there stand and told them Lucy was coming.  So my bag was packed my nails looked lovely and next day I was up and going down on the train...

I love it when my nails are painted and they looked amazing.  Mistress had done them for me and I had grown them.  They were truly beautiful.

I got to sexp and find behindbarz and told the two Jo's (Mistress Jo and Mr Joe) that I was very nervous and was told I would be fine... I hoped so I was very very scared.  I looked around the show and saw lots of interesting sites like puppy pride - there was about 6-8 people dressed in latex and a puppy hood being dogs - this helped settle my nerves a little and I remembered what Mistress said that I would be behind a mask so no one would know it was me.

After about 4 hours at the show the time had came so I went to the disabled toilets with Mistress Jo and another lady.  I got as far as I could on my own - it was so hot - so the latex stockings I planned on wearing just couldn't get them on.  Belt went on my little red skirt and the torso and then I opened the door so that Mistress Jo and her helper  could help lace me in and do my hair etc.  I was ready.  The door opened and out walked Lucy into the busy sexpo arena.  I was concentrating in walking properly as my heels are quite high.  Nice and black and shinny.  But instantly people were looking and there faces looked quite shocked.  I was on the stand.  Joe greeted me

"Bloody ell phil"

Lucy on Behind Barz stand at Sexpo :-) 

My lovely high heels ....

It made me smile and that was it - Lucy was on - I stood still - a lady on a stand opposite looked very freaked out.  I had been talking to her on and off most of the day but she still looked a little freaked but I was calm.  I was Lucy - I was enjoying myself.  It wasnt long before people walking past either ignored me or looked really scared off me - that was a bit unsettling but I soon found it funny.

A rather chunky black guy walked past the outer edge of the stand three time and then came over and wanted to take a selfie with me.  No problem :-)  This would not be the last one of the day.

My confidence was growing and now I was doing what I had planned to do - I had a sash with I'm Lucy I'm behind barz and I was showing anyone who wanted to see the beautiful belt what it was all about.  I was getting hot but thoughtfully I had been provided with water and a straw :-)

Behind Barz chastity belt :-)

I was now ready and started to walk around sexpo.  I could see people staring and stopping and loved every minute.  The questions on why - Why not?

"I saw a program on channel4 about this..." - that was one comment ...


Then a stand owner - who obviously was a slave - big metal collar and a latex dress and a friend..

Her friend said..

"Oh no - you look freaky - I really don't like it"

And the stand owner said and smiled "I think you look beautiful darling"

I saw some "celebs" Farah Abraham promoting her molded vagina - I waved at her she waved back and looked a little unsettled.

I had more selfies taken - with a bunch of girls who wanted to kiss me (on the cheek).

Selfies with two guys and a lady..

I wonder where they will turn up :-)

I had a 3d scan done buy www.3dscanbot,com I am looking forward to getting that :-)

BUT most of all I loved every minute of it.  My confidence grew and I managed to sell a belt for behind barz as well.  The only one they sold :-)

After over 2 hours a s Lucy it was time to change back - my train was getting close.

I was sad to change - I was very hot sweaty - and loved it..

I felt amazing :-)

What a buzz :-)

P.S. Next day I got corrected by Mistress Deborah for saying that I had seen a cute adult baby girl... and general other bits - OOPS!

Oh yes Mistress does like the spiky paddle ....

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