Thursday, 24 September 2015

It is Lucy captain but not as we know it..

For those of you who don't know the reference [it's Star Trek - just substitute Lucy for Life ;-) ]..

I thought this was a good opening statement.   From the posts on here you will get an idea of what Lucy looks like.  She tends to be a little slutty, she doesn't dress conservatively and she looks very different.  But underneath Lucy is a man - which is me.

Lucy has been my way of being female looking as I know I don't make the best woman.  But being Lucy takes a lot of work [which I don't mind] and isn't something that can happen quickly - and bringing Lucy in this form out would cause lots of issues and possibly put myself and Mistress in danger.

I have had female tendencies I believe for a long time now.  They have been suppressed and Lucy was born by Mistress telling me she likes girls as well.  It was the best excuse ever to bring her to life.  To do something for the one you love and to bring out my girly side as well.

So last weekend Mistress suggested I go out with some girly attire and bits but not as Lucy, as me - but in a Eddie Izzard style - so a smart suit but with heels, gentle makeup and painted nails..

(Lucy not as you know it)

So this was it.  We went out for the night in our local town and I was quite surprised that nobody said anything to me.  It took me a little time to settle down but Mistress loved every minute of it as much as I did.

She told me that we should do this more often and it's now time to bring my girly side forward.  It would still need to be subtle but could be very doable.

I was told to order some new boots - I have - they have kitten heals and Mistress hopes I can wear these frequently.  I have pained my nails - and I am wearing nail varnish to work.

But it is very subtle.  It is french polish ;-)  And I thought that meant something a lot ruder ;-)

Mistress told me last night that I need to start ensuring I am hair free all the time.  And that I will be required to start wearing panties and a bra all the time.  I am very excited by all this.

My cock (I already said Lucy was me !) - is locked in a chastity device and has been now for 12 Days+ and my orgasms are being controlled strictly by Mistress - this was always going to be the case.

So for now Lucy now has 2 views - the family friendly - and the dirty version.

Lots of Hugs
Lucy x