Monday, 28 July 2014

Who is Lucy Latex?

Lucy Latex started off a while ago....

Mistress Deborah (my Mistress) told me that she liked girls, I have be known to wear and dress in women's underwear - usually tight foundation wear, but going the full monty was something I had never done.   

When you have a Mistress you must always do your best to please you Mistress.  Mistress Deborah has done so much for me and my other kinks that I wanted to please her.  So I did, Mistress dressed me in a dress and made up my face and treated me like a girl and f*cked me like a girl (they call it pegging!).  And I actually enjoyed it. This was a bit of a discovery for me.   I had always liked my bottom being played with but to be f*cked with an 8 inch c*ck was a bit of a shock.  The sensations were incredible and my c*ck leaked everywhere.   It was quite an experience.    

This led onto me buying some shiny boots and Mistress buying me some stockings and wearing more little knickers (no more foundation wear!).   I loved boots so I was very happy to have a nice black shiny pair. The pegigng became more of a frequent thing and we started to search for a name for Mistress Deborah's girlfriend.  I had always liked the name Lucy and I suggested Lucy to Mistress and she agreed.   My second tattoo followed shortly afterwards SLUT was what Mistress had placed just above her c*ck in red.

Lucy made her first public outing to a works Christmas do.  It had been a long running wind up at work that I would wear my party frock, so I did.  A black dress, my boots, a latex black shiny leotard (with blow up breasts) and I was the belle of the ball.  It was an amazing night, I loved every minute of it - and got lots of comments and borrowed a wig from Mistress.  What a night! 

The frequency continued and then we went away for a dirty weekend.  We packed lots of bits to play with and went to the holiday cottage.  Mistress expressed her to desire for Lucy to have a pair of shiny shoes and after some research (on we found that we could buy them locally to our cottage in Norwich.   It was quite the experience walking into a major high street store and trying on heals, but they were amazing and I loved them.  So that spurned on a shop, more knickers, some skirts, a dress and now Lucy had a dirty wardrobe.

Lucy was out of the closet, and being treated by Mistress Deborah as a girl.

I had always had a desire (from before I met Mistress) to be treated like sex doll.  I read a story on ( and had read others before and the thought of being Mistresses play thing filled me with more desire. I had posted on about this and latex suits I had seen but nothing more....

BUT then there was the program on TV about Living Dolls and there masks and suits.  I had seen them before but Mistress Deborah hadn't.  It wasn't until a lot longer after this that I mentioned it again to Mistress and a website I had found that made masks.  We looked at the site and selected a mask with boobs....And when it arrived Lucy Latex was born.  

Lucy x

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