Thursday, 31 July 2014

Taking it like a girl...

I have known for a while that I enjoy having my bottom stimulated.  Mistress Deborah takes great delight in playing with me and getting me very worked up.  There is something quite delightful and very naughty about it.  And then there are the butt plugs and especially the locking one...

(This is me with the locking butt plug in place)

The locking one is huge and makes all my nerve endings go mad.  I really can't handle it very long before I am begging for it to be removed, but I know that when It comes out I am more than likely to get a good fucking (they call it pegging) from Mistress Deborah.

Mistress Deborah has a rather large 8inch strap on they we bought from Lovehoney.  It was originally meant for Mistress so that she didn't miss out while she kept me in chastity, but now it seems that Lucy gets it more.

The last time Mistress fucked me I was kneeling on the bed in a lovely latex dress with latex stockings.  Mistress pushed a small butt plug into my mouth and told me to hold it in. And then I felt the pushing of her rather large strap on against my bum, a sharp pain and then the waves of pleasure started.  Each time Mistress pounded me all my skin tingled, and by the time she had finished my legs had turned to jelly.  I know I moan more this way then when I am given the chance to have "normal" sex.  BUT it's at times like this that my head fills with naughty thoughts. 

Lucy has now a fake vagina, it looks really real. It's very shallow so Mistress cannot fuck it, but she can finger it (and so can I!), and this where the next dilemma starts.  I know we could get a better one.  It would have a deeper fake channel that Mistress could fuck - but I don't think I would feel anything - but I still desire it... I want to be in it so bad.  I feel that this would be lucy's chastity device, now there's another thought....

Must dash
Lucy x

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