Thursday, 31 July 2014

Taking it like a girl...

I have known for a while that I enjoy having my bottom stimulated.  Mistress Deborah takes great delight in playing with me and getting me very worked up.  There is something quite delightful and very naughty about it.  And then there are the butt plugs and especially the locking one...

(This is me with the locking butt plug in place)

The locking one is huge and makes all my nerve endings go mad.  I really can't handle it very long before I am begging for it to be removed, but I know that when It comes out I am more than likely to get a good fucking (they call it pegging) from Mistress Deborah.

Mistress Deborah has a rather large 8inch strap on they we bought from Lovehoney.  It was originally meant for Mistress so that she didn't miss out while she kept me in chastity, but now it seems that Lucy gets it more.

The last time Mistress fucked me I was kneeling on the bed in a lovely latex dress with latex stockings.  Mistress pushed a small butt plug into my mouth and told me to hold it in. And then I felt the pushing of her rather large strap on against my bum, a sharp pain and then the waves of pleasure started.  Each time Mistress pounded me all my skin tingled, and by the time she had finished my legs had turned to jelly.  I know I moan more this way then when I am given the chance to have "normal" sex.  BUT it's at times like this that my head fills with naughty thoughts. 

Lucy has now a fake vagina, it looks really real. It's very shallow so Mistress cannot fuck it, but she can finger it (and so can I!), and this where the next dilemma starts.  I know we could get a better one.  It would have a deeper fake channel that Mistress could fuck - but I don't think I would feel anything - but I still desire it... I want to be in it so bad.  I feel that this would be lucy's chastity device, now there's another thought....

Must dash
Lucy x

What am I?

I was having a chat last night on with a TV (that was his definition of what he was).  He was telling me how he has been this way for along time now, 25 years I think he said and that he goes out in tights and ladies shoes and shorts and was asking me what I do/AM?

I was reading this out to Mistress Deborah while tea was cooking and she asked me what are you then?

It made me really think ?!?!

My interest in women's underwear goes way back, before I met Mistress Deborah and before I had a girlfriend - I used to like the fabric women's underwear was made of and if I could get my hands on something would use it to w*nk.  (Not my mums! - I had an older female cousin staying and her friend).  But it was more often that something that was tight and silky.    When you get into a relationship you explore, and early on my first relationship I discovered I liked silky teddies and stockings.  And then things changed quickly and I progressed to PVC and then Latex (oh yes Latex - yummy scrummy latex).  But as my relationship progressed my partner was less and less interested and it became something I did less and less.     Then I met Mistress Deborah and it all changed.  I told her of my interest in latex and ladies tight fighting underwear and I can still remember the day I pinched her tight body and told her I was wearing it while we were out for a walk in the country.  She looked surprised - but not cross, and I think was a little turned on by it.   It didn't take long in our relationship before I knew that I liked Mistress in charge and she liked that position and she bought me loads of tight fitting knickers of my own.  Chastity came and was mixed in with all of this, but It was still really the tightness of the underwear and the smoothness of the material.  I had no desire to be a girl .  As i mentioned in a previous post, I had fantasied about being a sex doll. A toy for Mistress to play with, and Lucy was born through this.   

I don't feel I am a TV, I have no desire to wear dresses all the time, I do like to wear knickers as I love the feel and Mistress Deborah likes them on me.  I do look at dresses now - but only for something that I feel Mistress would like to see Lucy in.

When I am Lucy I am a different person, I submit more to Mistress, I want Mistress to do more things to me, and I know I could get into all sorts of trouble as Lucy.

So I don't think I am a TV, any probably not a sissy....

A bit of a rambling post - but I feel I am just a very kinky (probably perverted) individual.

(See what I mean ... Lucy in trouble!)

Hugs and Kisses
Lucy x

P.S. And sometimes I am a baby but that's my other blog! - Confused ;-)

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Loosing myself

Lucy can become quite an obsession.  While I am Lucy I feel like a different person. I look in the mirror and do not see myself but a mysterious lady looking back...

(That's not a tear from Lucies eye but something much more delicious).

Under the mask is me, but your mind plays tricks. And the more I stare at Lucy the more I feel here.  And then of course there are here lovely perky little breasts...

Lovely perky nipples, and a smooth chest.   I have been known to loose myself feeling Lucy and this makes me to want to be Lucy ...more and more....

Mistress Deborah helps to dress Lucy very slutty and sexy.  And when I am Lucy there is the look of desire on Mistresse's face and on mine (Lucy's smile) but in my eyes the look of submission and wanting to be taken by Mistress.

Lucy is the girl with the little bit more, or at least that is what Mistress says - She tells me I am her very own T-girl - but now the vagina is out of the box this may all change :-)

Hugs and Kisses to next time
Lucy x

Monday, 28 July 2014

Who is Lucy Latex?

Lucy Latex started off a while ago....

Mistress Deborah (my Mistress) told me that she liked girls, I have be known to wear and dress in women's underwear - usually tight foundation wear, but going the full monty was something I had never done.   

When you have a Mistress you must always do your best to please you Mistress.  Mistress Deborah has done so much for me and my other kinks that I wanted to please her.  So I did, Mistress dressed me in a dress and made up my face and treated me like a girl and f*cked me like a girl (they call it pegging!).  And I actually enjoyed it. This was a bit of a discovery for me.   I had always liked my bottom being played with but to be f*cked with an 8 inch c*ck was a bit of a shock.  The sensations were incredible and my c*ck leaked everywhere.   It was quite an experience.    

This led onto me buying some shiny boots and Mistress buying me some stockings and wearing more little knickers (no more foundation wear!).   I loved boots so I was very happy to have a nice black shiny pair. The pegigng became more of a frequent thing and we started to search for a name for Mistress Deborah's girlfriend.  I had always liked the name Lucy and I suggested Lucy to Mistress and she agreed.   My second tattoo followed shortly afterwards SLUT was what Mistress had placed just above her c*ck in red.

Lucy made her first public outing to a works Christmas do.  It had been a long running wind up at work that I would wear my party frock, so I did.  A black dress, my boots, a latex black shiny leotard (with blow up breasts) and I was the belle of the ball.  It was an amazing night, I loved every minute of it - and got lots of comments and borrowed a wig from Mistress.  What a night! 

The frequency continued and then we went away for a dirty weekend.  We packed lots of bits to play with and went to the holiday cottage.  Mistress expressed her to desire for Lucy to have a pair of shiny shoes and after some research (on we found that we could buy them locally to our cottage in Norwich.   It was quite the experience walking into a major high street store and trying on heals, but they were amazing and I loved them.  So that spurned on a shop, more knickers, some skirts, a dress and now Lucy had a dirty wardrobe.

Lucy was out of the closet, and being treated by Mistress Deborah as a girl.

I had always had a desire (from before I met Mistress) to be treated like sex doll.  I read a story on ( and had read others before and the thought of being Mistresses play thing filled me with more desire. I had posted on about this and latex suits I had seen but nothing more....

BUT then there was the program on TV about Living Dolls and there masks and suits.  I had seen them before but Mistress Deborah hadn't.  It wasn't until a lot longer after this that I mentioned it again to Mistress and a website I had found that made masks.  We looked at the site and selected a mask with boobs....And when it arrived Lucy Latex was born.  

Lucy x